If you are an experienced player, a Hand pan/Pantam fan or you have no idea about this field you might have some specific questions

i hope these will be answered here , if there are other questions you can post them bellow.

What scale it the instrument in the video ?

The scale in the Video is C/G,Ab,Bb,C,Db,E,G

Will you make different scales?

Yes i will

How many tones will be on the new instruments?

Minimum of 7 tones, depends on the scale

If i choose to be one of the 10 orders you accept now when will i get my instrumnet?

During 2014, I hope sooner then later.

Can i sign up for a waiting list?

Well, There is no “waiting list”,  for now you can sign up and you will get information about any news regarding any possibility to own an instrument


Is the instrument in the Video Nitrited ?

No it is not. 

Do you retune other handpans?

Yes- Email me:  contact@ortalpelleg.com


Will you retune an instrument that I purchase from you?



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